When people grow older, those wrinkles on the face are telling the age particularly. However, the more important thing is the organs and systems in the body. Whether it is in the body that is not active as before, causing health problems and various diseases. Those eyes that cannot see anything clearly. Those ears that are beginning to lose their ability to hear. Teeth that are beginning for chewing or swallowing. The elderly slowly cannot have the food that complete the nutrients which will cause the effect on the body’s various systems.

Several health issues as previously stated, does not include any underlying diseases that may cause the breakdown of various body systems, such as diabetes or high blood pressure. High levels of fat in the blood, Kidney disease, heart disease, and cancer are just a few examples. The most important problem is the elderly are unable to take care for themselves. They slowly will not be able to perform daily activities on their own as they were younger, for example; washing faces, brushing teeth, washing hair, using the restroom, eating, or even taking medications



The elderly, on the other hand, are unable to care for themselves. Inevitably, their child will become the elderly's primary source of support. However, caring for the elderly is a delicate process. Feel at ease if a family has someone who has time to look after the aging parents. However, due to current economic conditions and the society of Thai families, most of people are required to work outside the home. Caring for the elderly, especially those who are sick, is difficult. And it necessitates close supervision, Letting the elderly take care of themselve and only stay at home may not be the best option. Therefore, “Elderly Care Center” is the best answer.

101 Nursing Home , We are aware of the elders who require special attention in all aspects, including nutrition, hygiene, and exercise. We have established the nursing home for the special ones. Taking care of the living environment is one of them, including the physical and mental health. For the elderly people to be happy and physically comfortable, it is necessary to provide them with care from children and relatives. Reassured that we will take excellent care of your loved ones. So be assured that Your loved ones will receive great care from us 101 Nursing Home.

At Nursing Home 101, we provide a team of professional medical personnel who have more than ten years of experience caring for the elders, including the nutritionists, nurse, and doctors. We also provide the daily activities, meals, and ongoing program of activities that is designed to appeal your loved one’s interests.

With our slogan “Care for your loved ones with understanding, bonding, and approaching

 Understanding: We understand the difference of needs for both the elderly and relatives. With the professional care, we provide the program to help all the aging issues.
 Bonding: We pay close attention and listen to your elderly parents to strengthen bond.
With that, we can fulfill the needs of the seniors to be the best parts of their memories.

 Approaching: We approach our elderly clients with love and care. The seniors who stay at Nursing Home No. 101 will feel at home as if they are with family.

Not only the professional care for the clients, but we also provide the best place with beautiful and peaceful environment. This included the private, independent, and clean rooms surrounding with the fresh air, the restrooms designed for the elderly and the quiet place to relax while reading and resting.

Additionally, assistance equipment for assisted living is available for seniors, including a specially designed bed for the elderly. Equipment for them to move around such as a crutch, wheelchair, as well as exercise machines for the elderly.

With all these benefits, you can trust on The Nursing Home 101 to assist your loved ones. We treat our clients as relatives, providing them with 24-hour treatment. We safeguard them against any potential accidents.

Nursing Home 101 is set in the beautiful location at Lad Proa Road, Bang Kapi, Bangkok. We prepare our best treatments for your loved ones with understanding, bonding, and approaching.

At Ladprao 101 Nursing Home, you can rely on us when it comes to the elderly’s all problems.

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