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Since people of different ages in life have different desires... For the elderly, we can presume that they want to be happy, emotionally, and physically well without feeling worthless. The desired place to live would be quiet and peaceful. Adding, the desire of not wanting anyone to be burdened is also included.

However, nobody wants to get old, due to the changes both in the appearance and various body system. It also puts more restrictions on the elderly's ability to live independently. It also has a slew of health issues. Symptoms such as the flu, cough, and body aches, no matter how minor, should not be ignored. Diabetes and high blood pressure are examples of underlying diseases. High levels of fat in the blood Chronic kidney disease is a disease that affects the kidneys, heart disease, for example. All these issues have a negative impact on the elderly's quality of life. Many elderly people are reluctant to interact with others because of this. They would stay out of the house, suffer from depression, and end up to be unable to do the daily tasks by themselves. Some seniors even become bedridden patient.

According to figures from the Ministry of Social Development and Human Security's Department of Older Persons as of December 31, 2020, Thailand has an elderly population of 11.6 million people, or 17.6 percent of the total population of approximately 66.2 million people. Thailand is now a part of the aging society. And, in the not-too-distant future, we will have a completely aging society if we leave the elderly to deal with various health issues on their own without professionals. It may escalate from a minor issue at the family level to a major national issue in the future.

Therefore, knowing that happiness in the post-retirement life of the elderly requires good care in all aspects which will bring happiness and help to fill positive energy in their lives. That is our main purpose at Nursing Home 101.

"Medical assistance to meet all of the elderly's needs, including bed-bound patients and those who recovering from surgery."

1. First and foremost, determine the severity of the symptoms and assess the actual treatment.

We know that most of the elderly have health issues. And they all have different self-care requirements. As a result, we pay close attention from the moment we enter the reception area. Interviews and discussions with the elderly and their children were conducted. To gain access to personal information about their own health problems, medications taken, foods consumed, and other special requirements. They are prepared to assess and acknowledge the guidelines for caring for the elderly at the same time, so that everyone can see the same goal.

2. Allocate food to complete categories and nutrients.

Once we know what limitations or health issues each elderly person has, we can better assist them. Dietitians who specialize in food for the elderly, such as food for the elderly with various diseases, will be on staff. Every step of the process is supervised and controlled, beginning with the preparation and procurement of raw materials. Until the end of the cooking process, to ensure that each dish has a complete nutritional value.

3. Keep aThe environment clean.Regularly take care of hygiene and disinfect.

We will have personnel staff who will take care of hygiene, shower, wipe, and change clothes, diapers for the elderly who are bedridden or in the recovery period and are unable to take care of themselves. For the elderly, change diapers. It is referred to as "caring," as in "caring" for one's offspring who are experts.

4. Expels mucus from the respiratorytract including first aid according to the advice of the doctor.

We will have personnel with modern tools, clean, and safe to take care of the elderly who have phlegm problems and are unable to expel sputum on their own. A wound dressing service is also available. Also, each elderly person will be provided with prescription drugs, so the senior clients will not have to worry about forgetting to take their medication.

5. Prevent pressure sores or alternatively, primary complications.

We will have dedicated professional personnel to take care of the elderly who are bedridden or unable to move themselves. To reduce the risk of developing pressure ulcers, such as flipping the elderly body to avoid them lying in the same position for long periods of time.

In addition, we have a team of professional physical therapists at 101 Nursing Home, to care for and restore the potential of the elderly. Whether it is walking training or muscle recovery, helping to restore the brain's and muscles' potential. We plan recreational activities for the elderly to make them happy. This is also included social activities to increase their friendship as well.

“Here is where the phrase "elderly with quality and be healthy" begins.

101 Nursing Home, Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Elderly Care Center at Bangkok Thailand.

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